Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stone oven.  Pictures here will do most of the communicating.

First step: dig a hole.

Second Step: fill hole with gravel

Step three: Get rocks and mortar and start building

    Some of the base stones were excess of 100 lbs.

 Step four: add layer of beer bottles
 Step five: avoid altercations

 Step six: make sure photographer doesnt make insulting comments about your work
 Step seven: add layer of perlite on top of bottles.  On top of perlite add freshly mixed mortar.  Then add your fire brick.

 Step eight: get clay samples. We found some pretty good stuff at a construction site.
 Step nine: break clay into small pieces
 Step 10: first, make a pile of sand which will later be hollowed out.  Cover that sand with wet newspaper.  The on top of the newspaper add the clay-sand mixture.  The clay should be mixed with sand.  Each clay will have an optimum ratio with the sand.  We used 4 buckets of sand for 3 buckets of clay.
 Step eleven: hollow it out...after letting it dry for 48 hrs.

 Step 12: start cooking

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